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Why do you need Business Insurance ?

Most businesses today interact in some manner with the public. This interaction legally binds businesses to take responsibility for those customers, as well as other members of the public who enter onto their property. This would also include businesses that are run out of one’s home. Sometimes accidents happen where customers or members of the public become injured and in these situations, businesses are required by law to take responsibility. Due to this legal obligation, is it essential that businesses obtain public liability insurance as part of their business insurance portfolio.

Determining Business Project Viability – Project Valuation Function in Corporate Finance

Why the Project Valuation
Project ValuationPart of the process of entering into new ventures and building the business is the ability to properly asses those products for their worthiness and affordability. It is also part of the role of corporate finance to ensure that those projects lie within the strategic aims set for the company.

Corporate Finance and Accounting Model for Quantifying Uncertainty

Corporate FinanceCorporate Finance departments are tasked with identifying and accounting for abstract concepts such as uncertainty. Over time the accountancy profession has developed mechanisms for accounting for uncertainty and creating systems for determining projects to a mathematical value. This article will highlight some of the techniques used.